The PLUS and X’TREME range of High5 products contain Caffeine (all other products do not). The Plus products contain a moderate dose of Caffeine, while the X’treme products contain a higher dose. Even in moderate doses, Caffeine can improve sports performance. Athletes use caffeine for caffeine loading prior to or during a major race, towards the end of a long ride, before or during training for attention and concentration and to increase reaction time. To benefit from caffeine you must use it correctly based on your bodyweight. Step-by-step guidelines on the use of Caffeine are provided in the High5 Faster & Further Guides. Research indicates that when taken in moderation, Caffeine does not significantly add to dehydration during an event.

ZERO X’treme

Zero calorie electrolyte sports drink tabs with caffeinemore

EnergySource Plus

Advanced 2:1 fructose sports drink for racing.
With a moderate caffeine content.…. more

EnergySource X’treme

Advanced 2:1 Fructose sports drink
with a HIGH caffeine contentmore

EnergyGel Plus

Real juice gel that’s not thick or sweet. With caffeinemore

IsoGel Plus

Real juice gel, formulated so you don’t need to drink extra water.
With caffeinemore