HIGH5 Selection Pack


Advanced protein-carbohydrate bar for after exercise

• Great value trial pack for a variety of sports
• State of the art nutrition for any training session or event.
• Award winning EnergySource Sports Drink
• Race proven EnergyGel and IsoGel
• Provides a scientific dose of caffeine
• Step by step nutrition guide for your sport, distance and bodyweight
• Suitable for vegetarians

HIGH5 is widely available in a variety of sport shops and online. Either visit our Dealer LocaterInternational Distributor list or simply search for “HIGH5 Sports Nutrition” using your preferred online search engine.

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Great value trial pack for a variety of sports.

HIGH5 Marathon Pack contains enough award-winning nutrition for your next half or full Marathon. Boost your carbohydrate intake at breakfast on race day, fuel with EnergyGel during your Marathon and recovery with Protein Recovery afterwards.

HIGH5 Marathon Pack contains all the nutrition you will need for your big race day, plus a few gels to try in training beforehand. Includes an assortment of best selling flavours.

Features & Benefits

• State-of-the-art nutrition for your next marathon
• Ease your running, enjoy your marathon more
• Step-by-step nutrition guide for a marathon
• Provides a scientific dose of caffeine
• Suitable for vegetarians


Pack contains: 4x EnergyGel Plus, 4x EnergyGel, 1x IsoGel Plus, 2x IsoGel, 4x EnergySource, 1x EnergySource X’treme, 1x Protein Recovery, 1x ZERO sachet, 2x ZERO X’treme sachets 1x 750ml Bottle, Nutrition Guide for Sportive, Triathlon, MTB.

Assortment of best selling flavours. For nutritionals and allergen information, please visit the individual product pages on the links above. Individual product value £23.03.

Gel Belt and Race Belt for carrying gel during the run (Triathlon) are available separately.

Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Dosage & Usage

To benefit from 2:1 fructose drinks you must use them correctly. Our HIGH5 Advanced Nutrition Guides are sports specific, cover every major event distance and provide you with a step-by-step nutrition strategy for your particular body weight. Find out more in the Nutrition Guides section.