Matt Prior

Matt Prior answers your questions

Earlier this year we teamed up with England Cricket Star Matt Prior. Matt is a keen cyclist and a regular High5 user. To celebrate the new partnership we invited you to ask Matt Prior a question on our Facebook Page. We’ve had a fantastic response and Matt has answered our top 10 question:

Who and what got you into cricket and what age did you start to play? Jack Stubbs
“I was born in South Africa and lived there until I was 11. Everyone plays cricket at school in South Africa so I just naturally got into it as every kid did. I just loved it straight away.

What was your most spectacular catch? Carol Rowlands
“Sometimes my best catches are not what people would deem the most spectacular. If I’ve been working on something technically and I nail it with a relatively simple catch that gives me great satisfaction. But if I was to choose one of late, it would probably be the one handed I took down the legside on the last New Zealand tour. I think the batsman was Peter Fulton and it was at the end of a long day, so I was pretty happy with that one.

If you were not a professional cricketer what profession would you have chosen and why? Gillian Perry
“Professional cyclist!! I love it.

Matt, do you find that the diet and nutritional supplements you consume can aid your concentration during a game and if so what in your diet/supps do you put it down to? Ian Rawlings
“I need to stay as hydrated as possible to help my concentration, particularly in hot conditions. The High5 ZERO tabs are good for that. I also need to recover quickly to back it up for the next day so I have found the High5 Protein Recovery helps me with this.

Matt Prior
I keep wicket and I find 50 overs a challenge on the thighs. I know you’re a keen cyclist so is that what you have found the best fitness/training method for strong legs to survive the strain of test match cricket? As opposed to squats, leg presses etc? James Midgley
“Cycling is brilliant for wicketkeeping training. Your body is actually in a similar position on the bike as it is when you’re keeping, so it’s perfect for developing strength in the right areas. Squats and leg presses are also good, but for me nothing beats cycling.”

For the young wicket keepers I coach, how much time do you spend each week working on your glove and footwork and what other exercise will prepare them to be able to keep wicket for a full day? Rich Blakeley
“Nowadays I try and make each session high quality. So I will spend 45-60 minutes doing drills and then move on. Longer than that on one session and I feel that the quality drops. In the build up to a Test I’ll do that every day for the 2 or 3 days leading up to the match. The key is making sure the sessions are quality so you’ll have to judge how much your young keeper can do without quality dropping. To prepare for a day keeping wicket – sadly there is no substitute for the real thing! So taking a few catches in the morning of the game or from a bowler is very good. It will warm up legs, back and hands.”

What is the most important thing when training/improving before a match? Thomas Clark
“Finding rhythm. I’ve played for a long time now so when I’m preparing for a match I’m looking for that rhythm for both the gloves and bat. When I feel it and feel right, then I know I’m as ready as I can be.”

What major change would you like to see introduced to make the game more exciting to the likes of me who only really gets interested when we are playing the Aussies? John Curtis
“I’m a traditionalist, so I love Test cricket. Personally I wouldn’t tinker with the rules or game any more, I just think we need to market it better to a wider and younger audience. I think 20/20 cricket has played it’s part in making the game more exciting to new comers as well.”

How do you handle the pressure of coping with 2 Ashes serious within a matter months? Jonathan Broad
“It’s a tough! But we love playing in big series and there is nothing like Ashes cricket. So there is a pressure but it is also exciting. You just have to embrace it.”

Which ground anywhere in the world has the most fierce atmosphere? Joe Manson
“The Gabba just recently was pretty fierce!! To be fair any of the Aussie grounds during the Ashes are pretty hostile.”

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Best Nutrition Product

High5 Products Win Again

We are delighted to have won more awards in the recent Women’s Running and Men’s Running Running Industry Awards.  We’re proud of our products, so it’s great to get recognized for doing a good job.

The Running Industry Awards reflect and reward the best in the business across a range of categories from shoes to apparel to nutrition to gadgets. Results from a testing panel of experienced runners and readers determined who received the ultimate accolade from Britain’s fastest-growing running magazines.

Best Nutrition Product

Women’s Running Best Nutrition Product During Race:
BRONZE – EnergyGel

Women’s Running Best Nutrition Product Post Race

Men’s Running Best Nutrition Product During Race:

Men’s Running Best Nutrition Product Post Race

Running Awards

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Win the ultimate marathon prize with the RunLounge: Mission Marathon

Is a Spring Marathon in your plans next year? Then our latest project is for you! Our run partners, the RunLounge, have teamed up with all their partners to offer four lucky people the chance to train for a 2014 Spring Marathon under the expert guidance of RunLounge coaches Nick and Phoebe from RunningWithUs and get all the kit you need to be the best you can be!

RunLounge MissionMarathonHere are just some of the things on offer for the winners:

  • Expert guidance and coaching all the way through to your spring marathon with RunLounge coaches Nick and Phoebe
  • An all expenses paid, week-long training camp in the Algarve with Nick and Phoebe, focused on getting in the best possible shape for your marathon
  • Head-to-toe kit from Saucony including shoes and racing kit
  • Nutrition support for the entire period up to the marathon from High5 Sports Nutrition
  • A place at the Cambridge Half Marathon with accommodation
  • A UK training day with Nick and Phoebe and your fellow Mission Marathon winners
  • A place at the Brighton Marathon plus accommodation if you don’t have your own spring marathon

We are sure you’ll agree that this really is a superb package and is designed for runners of every level to get the most out of themselves preparing for a spring marathon. To enter this competition, simply follow this link:, ‘Like’ the RunLounge Facebook page (if you don’t already) and tell us a little about yourself. It really is that simple.

The RunLounge is the perfect online meeting place for all runners. You can get tailored training plans by email every week building you up to your main race day with a personal ‘how to complete the training’ message. And with direct access to our coaches Nick and Phoebe from RunningWithUs, you’ll have help to achieve your running goals, no matter how modest or ambitious.

Like all great social places, the RunLounge provides a warm welcome, inspiration, the company of like-minded individuals and a place to ask questions, get information and share opinions. In order to make the RunLounge the place that you can come to time and time again, we have created blogs, forums, a library of information including articles, photos and videos.

The team behind the RunLounge includes runners and experts in every field, giving you the opportunity to tap into a pool of knowledge with unrivaled depth and breadth.

Join now to begin your free trial. Alternatively you can also get 3 months FREE membership with the High5 Marathon Pack.

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Cricket Star Matt Prior

Matt Prior partners with High5

The UK’s leading sports nutrition brand High5 are delighted to team up with England Cricketer Matt Prior, now widely regarded as one of the best wicket keeper/batsman in the world. High5 sports drinks, gels and bars are part of Matt’s rigorous training regime.

Cricket Star Matt PriorMatt played an integral part as England retained the Ashes this summer. He already sits 4th in the all time list for most dismissals by an Englishman in Test cricket and is a crucial member of the squad that led England to becoming the Number 1 in the World.

“My training for cricket has always been hugely important to me. Fortunately, in recent years, this training has been able to involve another one of my passions – cycling. To now be able to team up with a sports nutrition brand such as High5 is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to working with them“ commented Matt Prior.

Mick Atkinson, High5 Director, added: “We are excited to have Matt join our team of world-class athletes. The importance of using products that are 100% fit for purpose cannot be stressed enough when taking part in sport. Working with world-class athletes across a range of sports, enables us to test our products under the most demanding conditions. This benefits athletes of every ability regardless of the sport they are doing”.

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Sports Tours International

High5 for UK’s leading sports travel group

The UK’s leading specialist sports tour operator Sports Tours International has announced a partnership with High5, who have provided on-course nutrition for more than 300 races and events worldwide.

High5 will provide a wide range of nutritional products for Sports Tours International customers, helping them to perform at their best during events. In addition to sports nutrition products, customers will have access to pre-event nutrition advice and training guides before competing in a major event.

Sports Tours International

Chris Bird, Chief Executive at Sports Tours International, commented: “High5 is a brand we know well and we are looking forward to working with them. The brand is run by athletes who have competed in many of the world’s toughest events.

“There are a number of things which attracted us to High5, including the on-going testing of their products and athlete feedback. They are also one of the few companies who use real fruit juice to improve the taste of their products.”

Sports Tours International will officially launch the partnership with High5 in July 2013 at the Etape du Tour. Customers competing in the challenge will receive High5 goody bags containing sports drinks, gels and bars.

Raphael Deinhart, Events and Marketing Manager at High5 added: “We’re looking forward to the partnership with Sports Tours International, the UK’s leading specialist sports travel company.

“Sports Nutrition is important for any athlete to achieve their personal sporting ambitions. With our step-by-step nutrition guides for all major endurance sports and various distances we can help athletes find a strategy that works for them and add something extra to the Sports Tours International offering.”

High5 became the first company in the world to launch 2:1 fructose sports drinks and the first company to research 2:1 performance gains and produce step-by-step nutrition guides.

For more details on Sports Tours International including bookings visit

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High5 Partner with the RunLounge

High5 are delighted to team up with running website the RunLounge. The RunLounge is the perfect online meeting place for all runners. You can get tailored training plans by email every week building you up to your main race day with a personal ‘how to complete the training’ message. And with direct access to their coaches Nick and Phoebe from RunningWithUs, you’ll have help to achieve your running goals, no matter how modest or ambitious.


Like all great social places, the RunLounge provides a warm welcome, inspiration, the company of like-minded individuals and a place to ask questions, get information and share opinions. In order to make the RunLounge the place that you can come to time and time again, there are blogs, forums, a library of information including articles, photos and videos. The team behind the RunLounge includes runners and experts in every field, giving you the opportunity to tap into a pool of knowledge with unrivalled depth and breadth.

High5 Director Tim Atkinson is looking forward to working with the RunLounge: “We’ve had runners trial the RunLounge for the last year and they have found that it gave them added structure to their training. The team working behind the scenes are really passionate and have a real depth of knowledge. It’s a great addition to our own running program, which includes our popular Marathon Nutrition Guide. To celebrate our involvement we’re putting on a fantastic competition on our Facebook page.”

Until 21st June, Facebook fans can win prizes worth over £260 each, which includes the new Saucony Kinvara 4‘s, membership to the RunLounge and High5 products, on the High5 Facebook Page:

As part of the new partnership, runners will get a free High5 Taster Pack worth £8 and a 6 months free membership to the RunLounge, when purchasing a pair of Saucony shoes (selected retailers only). High5 are also offering 3 months free membership to the RunLounge with the new High5 Marathon Pack.

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Cameron Twynham

Twynham’s training boosted by High5 Sports Nutrition

High5 Sports Nutrition has become the latest high-profile company to partner with up-and-coming British racing driver Cameron Twynham ahead of the European F3 Open’s season curtain raiser at Paul Ricard this weekend.

The 17-year-old from Market Harborough has been using High5’s products, which include specialist electrolyte sports drinks, protein shakes and energy bars, as part of an intense pre-season fitness regime. That will continue to be the case at circuits across Europe this year where High5 will play an integral role in his pre-race preparation and post-performance recovery.

Cameron TwynhamThe appointment of Twynham as one of its brand ambassadors continues High5’s expansion into the motorsport market. Cameron is the first single-seater driver to join its roster.

Unlike many similar companies, High5 is run by athletes for athletes. Established in the UK 19 years ago, its products have been tested and honed at some of the world’s biggest and most strenuous sporting events. Continuously pushing the boundaries of advanced sports nutrition, High5 can claim many world firsts among its list of achievements and is recognised as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Like Twynham, it also maintains a stringent drugs-free philosophy.

It’s that level of experience and expertise that Twynham believes can make all the difference in his battle for this year’s Coppa Class crown.

“I’ve been a big fan of High5’s products for a few years now but really began to feel their benefit during the winter when we stepped up our training in preparation for the demands of Formula 3,” explained Cameron. “They certainly enhance my work-rate, allow me to dig that bit deeper and make a big difference in recovery. That’s especially true of their hydration tablets that I use after getting out of the car. We’ve been in talks for a while so it’s fantastic to have signed something before the season starts in France this weekend. As a racing driver I’m always searching for that all-important edge, and in High5 I have found just that.”

Matt Hall, High5’s National Sales Manager, added: “Cameron is a fantastic athlete and we’re delighted to partner with him this season. As with most sports, the correct nutrition is important to peak performance in motorsport and High5 will ensure that Cameron has access to the best products to help him achieve his goals. Working with elite athletes provides us with important feedback to improve our products for everyone.”

Lights go out on the first of this season’s European F3 Open races at 15:00 local time on Saturday.

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New Run Bottle

High5 are delighted to add a Run Bottle with an easy handgrip to the High5 accessories range. The new bottle can hold up to 350ml fluid and the easy handgrip makes it ideal for carrying your drink when running.  This professional bottle is made with food grade plastic and comes with a high quality, leak proof top.

As part of the launch, look out for special promo bottles with a 10 tube of ZERO and EnergyGel inside, available for only £3.99 in store.

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Scott Contessa Epic Race Team fuelled by High5

High5 are delighted to supply the UK’s leading women’s cycling development team, Scott Contessa Epic Race Team, with the latest generation of sports nutrition products. This is part of an ongoing effort by High5 to support Women’s Cycling.

Formed at the start of 2012, the team’s first full season was simply outstanding.  The Scott Contessa Epic Race Team won numerous races in the UK and Europe, took the UK National Team series and picked up medals of every colour in British, European and World championships! The ethos of the team is as much about enjoying their riding as it is developing their racing skills and winning races though. The spirit and mutual support within the team has been one of the most important factors in their success – and has been the envy of the peleton.

Riders will benefit from High5’s advanced nutrition products that will help them perform at their very best on race day. Rigorous testing by Scientist in the lab and Athletes competing in the World’s toughest events, guarantees that High5 products perform when you do.

The 2013 season will see some new faces in the Scott Contessa Epic Race Team, with several of the 2012 team moving on to bigger UCI teams and/or the British Cycling Academy: a perfect illustration of how the team is meeting one of its primary aims in developing riders and preparing them for the next step up the competitive ladder.

Find out more about the team:

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