Year: 2017

29 October, 2017
Our top Halloween treats to fuel your spooky season
No tricks, just treats to fuel your Halloween – with a healthy twist to boost your training. From sugar free drinks to healthy snacks that will help keep you hydrated and energised across the spooky season, these award-winning and delicious… Read More
26 October, 2017
Time out from training: why an off-season break is good for performance success
Are you someone who has an iron-will all year round without taking a proper break from structured training? Learning to know when to take a break and for how long, is key, before it damages your performance. Particularly if you’re… Read More
10 November, 2017
A Guide to Your Alternative London Marathon
Didn’t bag a London marathon spot this year? Don’t be disappointed! There are still plenty of amazing running events across the UK calling on you to enter. Events that will not only have you donning your daps in potentially unexplored… Read More
12 October, 2017
10 things every runner should do in the final 24 hours before a race
The running experts share 10 essential tips to ensure your last 24 hours deliver you confidently to the start line. The last few days before your big running race, and your fate is sealed. Any fitness gains you make now… Read More
Callum Hawkins 29 September, 2017
Callum Hawkins: the secrets to fuelling a marathon
Britain’s rising distance runner, Callum Hawkins, shares his well honed nutrition strategies for tackling a marathon. He may have just missed out on the medals at the 2017 World Championships this summer, but there’s still no stopping the 25 year… Read More
15 September, 2017
The Major Do’s and Don’ts of Running a Marathon
It’s nearly here – you’re just weeks away from your marathon day, and it’s time to put the finishing touches to your training. But there are still a few essential things you need to do if you’re going to ensure… Read More
15 September, 2017
What it takes to fuel a continental pro cycling team
When it comes to fuelling world class cyclists, we know how to produce great-tasting performance nutrition, but how do the riders and teams actually make the most of it when it reaches the pro peloton? We recently went behind the… Read More
24 August, 2017
Racing legend Sean Kelly talks cycling
Seven time Paris-Nice victor, nine time winner of the monument classics, and now one of Eurosport’s most well-respected commentators, Sean Kelly arguably headed up a golden era for Irish cycling that saw him emerge as one of the most successful… Read More
17 August, 2017
The untrodden path to the pinnacle of boxing
Anyone who’s pulled on a pair of boxing gloves to do a class or workout or just hit a punch bag, can attest to the difficulty, stamina and power it takes to box. It’s not just the physical exhaustion, but… Read More
Callum Hawkins 28 July, 2017
What is it like to prepare for a World Championship Marathon?
With the IAAF Athletics World Championship taking place in August, we asked Great Britain middle-distance runner, Olympian and HIGH5 athlete, Callum Hawkins  about his recent training in preparation for the World Championships Marathon on Sunday 6th August. March saw me… Read More