Month: March 2017

27 March, 2017
Tips for multi day cycling events
The physical demands of any multi-day cycling event are extreme, let alone one that takes 9 days and 969 miles to complete. The Deloitte Ride Across Britain is an iconic must-do event for anyone serious about cycling. There’s just something… Read More
20 March, 2017
The secret ingredient for your marathon training
How important is it to rest during high mileage weeks leading up to a race such as the London Marathon? The answer is, yes you’ve guessed it, VERY important! In fact, it could be argued that it is just as… Read More
Protein Recovery Smoothie 13 March, 2017
Five delicious Protein Recovery smoothies
Fast recovery is vital to reaching and maintaining a high level of fitness. The body recovers at the greatest rate during a two hour window immediately after exercise, but only if you provide it with the vital nutrients it needs.… Read More