What Makes the Athletes Want to HIGH5


As a high-achieving athlete, there are lots of #HIGH5Moments – taking part in big competitions, pushing your body to its limits and, of course, securing podium positions!

We check in with some HIGH5 athletes to find out what it is exactly that makes them want to HIGH5!

1. Lucy Gossage

Lucy Gossage

Lucy Gossage is a Triathlete and 8 x Ironman champion! But despite all her past wins, this is her HIGH5 Moment. Amazing!

No matter where you finish, all finish lines deserve a HIGH5 if you’ve emptied the tank. Winning’s just the icing on the cake. Every finish line is my #HIGH5Moment. 

You can find out more about Lucy here.

2. Mick Hannah from Polygon UR Team

Polygon UR TEam

It was a pleasure to get a HIGH5 Moment from Mick Hannah, mountain bike pro from team Polygon UR.

My best #HIGH5Moment so far this year was crossing the finish line of Crankworx Rotorua’s Air DH with the fastest time of the day!

Stay up to date with the team on their website.

3. Denis Chevrot

Denis Chevrot

Denis is a French Triathlete and another Ironman winner! We love his HIGH5 Moment:

“I want to HIGH5 everybody when I cross the finish line of an Ironman. Whatever the result, the day, it is always a special moment, which is the conclusion of a long period of hard training”.

Find out more about what Denis gets up to here.

4. Lucy Hall

Lucy Hall

Lucy is a very talented Triathlete who is known for being one of the fastest swimmers in the sport! This is her HIGH5 Moment:

One of my #HIGH5Moments would be representing GBR in 2012 at the London Olympics. Experiencing a home Olympics was an incredible moment that I’ll never forget! 

Read more about Lucy’s successes on her website.

  1. 5. Tillie Clark

Tillie ClarkeTillie Clark is one of our ambassadors and an incredible marathon runner. Here’s what makes her want to HIGH5:

I like to High5 as many children as I can during a marathon, each High5 I get is like a super power boost for the soul and every time it’s a #HIGH5Moment! 

You can follow Tillie’s journey on Instagram.


6. Samantha Taylor

Samantha is a World and European Taekwon-Do medallist and a GB Triathlete. She also advocates about her change to a plant-based diet. Here’s her HIGH5 Moment:

A big #HIGH5Moment for me was competing in the ITU Multisport Triathlon World Championships just 6 months after my first ever triathlon.

You can read more about Sam on her blog.



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