Edward Williams

Extreme Open Water Swimming

Who is Edward Williams?

My name is Ed Williams and I am an extreme open water swimmer. By extreme open water swimmer I mean that my sport involves swimming between countries and sometimes even continents, unaided with no wetsuit.

Major Results and Achievements

My most iconic Channel swim to date would have to be the English Channel, which I completed in 2006, aged 19. It took me 14 hours to swim 26 miles and left me thinking “what next?” I have since completed numerous other channel swims all over the world; all non-wetsuit and non-stop swimming. I am currently working on completing the “oceans seven” challenge, which involves swimming the hardest channel on each of the seven continents. Achieving the Oceans Seven requires an ability to swim in both very cold and very warm seas. It also demands the swimmer is physically and mentally prepared to overcome every condition known to defeat open water swimmers, from strong currents to stiff winds, from jellyfish and sharks to rough seas. Like its mountaineering cousin, the Oceans Seven requires a tremendous amount of planning, time, financial resources and multi-national support teams of knowledgeable local experts.

After years of training with other sports nutrition products I decided to give HIGH5 a go on a recent swim between Europe and Africa as other products were starting to make me feel sick and were heavy on the stomach. I used the isotonic drinks and the gels and what an amazing difference they made! I completed this iconic swim in a very fast time of sub 4 hours and felt fresh throughout. A massive part of this was down to effective nutrition from HIGH5.

 EDWARD_WILLIAMS_01Ed’s Tips for Aspiring Athletes

My tips for any aspiring long distance swimmer would be don’t be afraid to think big. The first ever open water swim I did was the English Channel ie the Everest of the swimming world. If you plan and train smart you will do great things!

As well as being an extreme open water swimmer I am also the director and founder of Elite Swimming Academy Ltd. I founded this company in 2006 after my English Channel swim with the aim to bring inspiring expert swimming coaching to open water swimmers. We have transformed thousands of swimmers now and introduced them to the wonders of open water. Working with HIGH5 will allow us to support our students even more.

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For more information on Ed as a swimmer, speaker and coach go to www.edwardwilliams.org.uk
For more information on Elite Swimming Academy Ltd go to www.eliteswimmingacademy.co.uk