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GB Taekwondo currently has nineteen fulltime athletes who train at the National Taekwondo Centre in East Manchester on the World Class Performance Programme. The squad includes a range of fighters from all over the country, most notably, London 2012 & Rio 2016 Olympic Champion, Jade Jones, double World Champion, Bianca Walkden, and two-time Olympic medallist, Lutalo Muhammad. The sport itself has sixteen weight categories which are combined during the Olympic Games into eight:

  • Flyweight (-58kg for males and -49kg for females) which currently has Hassan Haider, Charlie Maddock, Jordyn Smith and Maddison Moore fighting under.
  • Featherweight (-68kg for males and -57kg for females) this includes Bradly Sinden, Christian McNeish, Josh Calland, Jade Jones, Emelye O’Brien and Kyla Julien.
  • Welterweight (-80kg for males and -67kg for females) which involves Damon Sansum and Lauren Williams.
  • Heavyweight (+80kg for males and +67kg for females) this comprises of Mahama Cho, Lutalo Muhammad, Brandon Jewell, Jonathan Bangura, Jack Spall, Rebecca McGowan and Bianca Walkden.

Despite Taekwondo being a Korean sport, Great Britain has fast become a force to be reckoned with, just last year the season ended with the nation being first on the medal table at the WT Grand Slam in Wuxi, China and the World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester. From securing a bronze medal at Beijing in 2008 to eventually going on to historically win gold and silver on home soil at the London Games as well as, gold, silver and bronze in Rio 2016, the team are looking to make history once again in Tokyo in 2020.

How HIGH5 fits in:

GB Taekwondo use the HIGH5 range throughout their training and to fuel their success on competition day. As the athletes train solely inside, HIGH5’s ZERO tabs provide a great profile of electrolytes to keep them hydrated in often hot and humid conditions.

During longer training sessions HIGH5 Aqua Energy Gels are the teams go to. As a source of easily digestible carbohydrate, they act fast during intense sparing to keep the athletes fuelled to perform at their best. Some like to add a little caffeine kick in their too.

Recovery is key to the team’s approach. Post-training the Energy Bars, Recovery Bars and Recovery Drinks are used to help kick-start protein synthesis to facilitate recovery and replace carbohydrate stores, particularly if the athletes are training again later that day.

Top tips for aspiring athletes

  • Make sure you are meeting your total energy requirements each day. Don’t be scared of carbohydrate, most sports rely on carbohydrate as a fuel source, so to perform well you need to eat plenty of it!
  • Nail your recovery, especially if training twice per day. Prepare your post-session nutrition in advance.
  • Hydration places a huge role in both performance and health. Sip frequently and don’t rely on thirst as an indicator or dehydration, if you’re thirsty, chances are you’re already dehydrate.
  • Don’t neglect your micronutrients. We can get carried away with “hitting our macros” and miss out on some of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Major Results

  •  2017 World Championships Gold (Bianca Walkden: – +73kg)
  •  2016 Rio Olympics Gold (Jade Jones: -57kg)
  •  2016 Rio Olympics Silver (Lutalo Muhammad: -80kg)
  •  2016 Rio Olympics Bronze (Bianca Walkden: +67kg)
  •  2015 World Championships Gold (Bianca Walkden: – +73kg)
  •  2012 London Olympics Gold (Jade Jones: -57kg)
  •  2012 London Olympics Bronze (Lutalo Muhammad: -87kg)

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