Gordon Fearn

Tae Kwon Do

I have been competing in International Tae Kwon Do since
1993, I have represented England and Great Britain for 20 years and
training for 30 years. I have captained the GB and England team since
2002 and been using HIGH5 products for 18 years.

Major Results

  • Current World Champion
  • Current European Champion
  • Current World Team Champion (England) undefeated since 2004
  • 7 x World Championship Golds (Individual)
  • 8 x European Championships Golds (Individual)
  • 5 x World Championship Golds (Team)
  • 8 x European Championships Golds (Team)
  • Won a Gold medal in every country I’ve competed in

How I use HIGH5 in my training

For my high performance sessions, I will load up on the ZERO tabs and EnergyGel about an hour before the session.

During training I will keep hydrated with the EnergySource and will use the EnergyGel if I need them.

For my post-training recovery I drink the ProteinRecovery.

International Competition days ( which can last from 9am to 10pm on 2 days) I will keep hydrated on ZERO tabs.


Favourite HIGH5 Products

How long have you been using HIGH5 for

I first tried HIGH5 in 1998, the EnergySource and EnergyBars.  HIGH5 have sponsored me ever since.

Top tip for aspiring athletes

“You may get knocked down, encounter hurdles, get disappointed, have
a bad day in the office but never take your eyes off your goal. Work hard
enough, you WILL achieve it!”

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