HIGH5 Dream Team


The HIGH5 Dream Team is a new Australian domestic cycling team made up of Australia’s best young developing cyclists who show potential to represent Australia within the next few years at Commonwealth, World and Olympic level.

The athletes have all been recommended and selected by Cycling Australia’s High Performance Coaches & State Institute Coaches. The athletes have all achieved results at National or International level and show promise as being future Australian Team Members.

The team will consist of eight riders who will competitively race the Australian National Road Series, collectively, promoting the Australian Road Cycling Industry nationally and internationally throughout the year.

This professional cycling team managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae-Szalinski will be exclusively endorsed and resourced by Australia’s best state institute personnel including coaches, logistic, managers, masseurs and mechanics.

The objectives for the team are to dominate the NRS races as a team, To raise the profile of women’s cycling in Australia, to offer the athletes a professional environment, to develop the the level of each individual which can ultimately lead to signing a professional contract or gaining a spot on the national team for the big European races.

Ellen Skerritt
Georgia Baker
Jess Mundy
Kendelle Hodges
Kimberley Wells
Rebecca Wiasak
Samantha de Riter
Tessa Fabry
Lauren Perry (Associate)

Major Results:


1st Australian National Criterium Championship (Kimberley Wells)
3rd stage 2 Santos Women’s Tour (Kimberley Wells)
3rd Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (Tessa Fabry)
Best Young rider jersey NRS Series 2015 (Ellen Skerritt)


Kimberley Wells: I use HIGH5 sports nutrition products for both training and racing. HIGH5 gives me the competitive advantage I need to perform at my best. The HIGH5 Zero electrolyte tablets help me to pre-hydrate before tough sessions. It is my ritual in the crucial twenty minute window after hard training and racing to make myself a HIGH5 ProteinRecovery shake. The ProteinRecovery is the best sports nutrition; allowing me to deliver another great performance on the bike the following day.

Ellen Skerritt: HIGH5 Sports Nutrition offer a great range of products to aid optimal endurance-performance. In Road Cycling, minor details can often be overlooked and it can come down to missing a single gel and losing a bike race. HIGH5 Sports Nutrition have combined the ease of convenient / instant energy whilst also taking into consideration the importance of health held by athletes of all calibre. It is very important to train on foods you plan to use during races. Choices of gels and different flavoured bars can be very personal and using what you are familiar with is key to avoid any sort of stomach upsets.

My favourite product is the HIGH5 ProteinRecovery Shake because it has become an integral part of my recovery routine.. Just like streching and rest. The delicious-tasting HIGH5 ProteinRecovery Shake ensures maximum recovery and performance for my next session!

Georgia Baker: I love using HIGH5 products, especially the recovery protein powder. I personally love the chocolate flavour as it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. The recovery protein is what I look forward to after a race or hard training session.

Jess Mundy: I find the HIGH5 double chocolate ProteinBar great for after a tough training ride or gym session for recovery. It is easy to carry around and have on hand and it tastes great.

Sam de Riter: I use HIGH5 Products as part of my training and racing regime. I feel privileged to be supported by such an amazing company. All of the HIGH5 products have been tested and scientifically proven to be the best on the market for prolonged activity and recovery.

How long have you been using HIGH5 for?

Kimberley Wells: I am new to HIGH5 sports nutrition and I am impressed. I was nervous to try something new, but it’s been so easy to use the High5 range. If I want a product; HIGH5 has it. Using HIGH5 means I am covered for sports nutrition before, during and after events. Whether I need Zero electrolytes for hydration, SportsBars for energy or ProteinRecovery to rebuild muscle post-race.

Ellen Skerritt: Ever since I started cycling!

Georgia Baker: I have been using HIGH5 for 6 months, first with Wiggle Honda and now with the HIGH5 Dream Team.

Jess Mundy: HIGH5 have a great range of products on the market. I have been using their bars, gels and drink mixes for six months so far and I am really enjoying them.

Sam de Riter: I first started using HIGH5 as my choice of nutrition when I began racing Long Course Triathlon in 2009. It is easy on my stomach and the isogels are fantastic for endurance sport! I carried this nutrition choice into my cycling career.

Your tip for an aspiring athlete…

Kimberley Wells: Fuel your body and fuel your mind. Ignite your passion and dream big.

Ellen Skerritt: My tip for any athlete who wants to be successful in their chosen sport, is to not overlook the minor details. Nutrition is a very important aspect within sport – and it can be the difference between being able to put 100% into your training sessions. I revolve my diet around my training sessions which is specifically periodized in relation to which phase of training I am in. Ensuring I have enough fuel on the bike to get through my training sessions allow’s me to trust that I have done everything in prepartion for a big event.

Georgia Baker: My tip for an aspiring athlete is good nutrition and recovery are just important as training protocols. I find HIGH5 products great to balance my nutritional needs before and during training. HIGH5 products also help make sure I am recovered and ready for the next day of training or racing. I would definitely encourage all athletes to try HIGH5 and the benefits it provides.

Jess Mundy: Always give it your best and never give up. Cycling has its ups and downs but those ups always make it worth the while. Learning from the hard moments helps you to improve for the future.

Sam de Riter: In order to obtain your dreams you need to take care of yourself. Eating well, recovering well and training hard are only half the battle. In order for you to truly succeed, you need to make sure to surround yourself with people that have a positive influence on you and who will support you throughout your journey.


1. Kimberley Wells – @Kimbers_Wells
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3. Tessa Fabry – @tessssssssy
4. Jessica Mundy – @JessicaMundy2
5. Sam de Riter – @Sam_deRiter
6. Rebecca Wiasak – @careceb
7. Georgia Baker – @BakerGeorgia
8. Ellen Skerritt – @EllenSkerritt94
9. Lauren Perry – (associate) @LaurenPerry4
Twitter manager – @RochelleGilmore

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