Irish Sailing Association (ISA) Performance Team


Who are the ISA Performance Team?

The ISA Performance Department guides sailing programmes from junior through to Olympic and Paralympic. There are currently 102 sailors training as part of the ISA Performance Pathway. All of these sailors are closely monitored and follow a tailored strength and conditioning programme managed by Sports Med Ireland in addition to receiving regular coaching on the water.

 The team:

  • Ryan Seaton
  • James Epsey
  • Matt McGovern
  • Annalise Murphy

 How does the team use HIGH5 in training and competition?

“I use many of the HIGH5 products and I really feel that the protein shakes and gels help with my training and performance on the water. I’m looking forward to competing in Rio next year and I’ll have HIGH5 with me all the way” – Ryan Seaton, Sailor and Irish Olympian

The ISA Performance Team has been using HIGH5 for two years now and we look forward to keeping a close partnership with HIGH5 in the future.

“To make the best of your ability, you need to look after every aspect of your training, diet and mental well-being.”


Ryan Seaton

James Epsey

Matt McGovern

Annalise Murphy