Nick Baldwin


In the summer of 2006 I stumbled across “Ironman Lanzarote” on TV, which was the first time I’d heard of triathlon. In awe of the athletes and the accomplishment of finishing an Ironman, I vowed to finish a triathlon. Since then I’ve competed in 10 Ironman races, with age-group results including 18-24 Ironman 70.3 World Champion and 2nd 18-24 at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. 2013 has been an exciting year as I joined the professional ranks, competing against the best athletes in the sport. This year’s highlight result was 4th place at Ironman Copenhagen with a PB of 8:18. With big ambitions in the sport, I’m looking forward to continuing to work hard to achieve my goals.

Major Results:

  • 2011 & 2012 2nd 18-24 age-group Ironman World Championships
  • 2012 World Champion Ironman 70.3 18-24 age-group
  • 4th Ironman Wales 2014, Ironman Sweden 2014 & Ironman Copenhagen 2013
  • 3rd Ironman Australia 2014
  • 5th Challenge Taiwan 2014


High5 really emphasise scientific research into their products, which results in improved performances for us athletes. I’ve been fortunate enough to test with High5 in the lab and the results from using the products have been very impressive.

One of my favourite products is Energy Source Plus, which provides the energy needed for long training sessions and races, as well as the stimulus of caffeine. This was the backbone of my nutrition strategy for Ironman Copenhagen, which helped me back up a 4:31 ride with a 2:49 marathon. Post training and racing my go-to product is High5 Protein Recovery (banana flavour!) which provides high quality protein for muscle repair and carbohydrates to replenish glycogens stores.

How long have you been using High5 for?

I was first introduced to High5 products soon after taking up the sport in 2007. When training in the Seychelles which is very hot and humid, I needed nutrition products specifically for those conditions. I’d buy High5 Isotonic and Zero online and use one of these two products for every session. Immediately I noticed a big improvement in my performances and since then I’ve been a big fan of High5 products. I need my nutrition to taste good and be palatable 8+ hours into a race and this is another area where High5 delivers.

Your tip for an aspiring athlete…

Have fun! Everyone gets into triathlon for this reason, but sometimes it’s easy to forget in the build up to a big race or during competition. In those moments think back to why you started to sport in the first place. I find that my best performances come when I’m relaxed and go out there to enjoy the day.