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6 Traits that Make you the Perfect Training Partner

We asked our HIGH5 audience whether they prefer to train alone or with someone else and a huge 65% said alone! While training solo certainly has its benefits, if you have a strict programme or workout, it’s easier to just push through it without having to worry about someone else enjoying it or keeping up. And, exercising alone is also the perfect way to get some space and ‘me time’ whilst getting one step closer to your goal.

However, we promote exercising with someone else or in a group, particularly when the winter months means training can be tough! But your training partner needs to be right. We’ve chatted to the experts, regular gym goers and exercisers to find out what it is that makes the perfect training partner. 

Here are the six top traits – do you have what it takes?!

✅ You’re motivated

A training partner needs to be equally, if not more, motivated than you! When you’re not feeling it, you need to have someone by your side encouraging you. The worst thing is working out with someone who is not interested in pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. You also need to be able to bounce off each other and motivate one another when training gets tough. Are you the motivating and encouraging type? If so, you’re one step closer to being an ace training partner.

✅ You’re creative

Creativity is not something you would immediately associate with a training partner but we think it’s key. An ideal training partner will be innovative, finding new ways to change and challenge your routines. They may even get creative with routes, taking you to new and exciting places that you haven't been to before. Consider yourself a creative? Perhaps surprisingly, being a training partner may be your next creative project! 

✅ You know your stuff

A training partner who is knowledgeable is a training partner to hold on to. When there’s someone who can take you on new routes, contextualise the science behind why certain exercises are better for particular areas of your body, or improve your technique then you’re on to a winner. Do you make a good navigator? Know the local area? Or are a sports scientist in the making? You’re half way to being someone’s go-to training guru.

✅ You’re committed

For any sport, no matter your level, ability or goal, commitment is vital. As celebrators of sporting commitment, this is a biggie for us! You want someone who has both short and long term goals that are aligned with yours. Goal orientated and not afraid of commitment? You could be the training partner of someone’s dreams. 

✅ You’re good company

It may be an obvious one, but it’s important to like your training partner! Particularly if you’re out on a long ride or run you need to be with someone who has a good sense of humour and is generally good company. Good to be around? You’re going to make the best training companion. 

✅ You’re always on time

So you’ve geared yourself up for the challenge ahead, you’re all ready to begin your training session and you have to wait around for your partner to show up. When training lateness is annoying, right? Arrive everywhere in a timely fashion? Congratulations, you and your watch have made the cut!

So that’s our checklist for the perfect training partner. Do you have what it takes?! You can share you’re new calling with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – don’t forget to tag us!

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