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BORA–hansgrohe: Performance Nutrition

Since 2017, HIGH5 have fuelled high-performance, professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe, led by three-time World Champion Peter Sagan.

With ambitious goals, the right sports nutrition is hugely important. HIGH5 works closely with the team to ensure that our products are fit for purpose and help the team achieve their goals.

BORA-hansgrohe in a race

At HIGH5 we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise great performance for great taste. That’s why we only use the best natural flavours in our scientifically formulated products and work closely with world-class athletes like BORA-hansgrohe to ensure our products won’t let you down.

As I am using nutrition supplements daily in training and races, for me it is important that the products taste great as well as fuel my performance” – Pascal Ackermann, BORA – hansgrohe rider.

BORA – hansgrohe use their favourite HIGH5 products during training and competitions to maintain optimum performance. Fuelling is key in modern cycling, as the performance level in the UCI WorldTour is extremely high with lots of riders being able to compete for victories. After hours of intense racing, the one who still can deliver his optimum performance will take the win. HIGH5 is a strong supplier to BORA – hansgrohe on their hunt for success.

We work closely with the team’s nutritionists to supply products that help the team perform at the highest level. BORA – hansgrohe head nutritionist Robert Gorgos has given us his tips on how you can fuel your next ride with HIGH5.


It’s important to have your nutrition ready for your ride ahead. Fill your water bottle with 500ml of water and add some Energy Drink powder for energy and hydration. If you have a second bottle cage, prepare a second bottle. Bring your other nutrition with you on your ride – use your jersey pockets for your gels, bars and gummies.

BORA-hansgrohe waterbottles filled with HIGH5

During Your Ride

Drink little and often for a steady supply of energy and fluids to stay hydrated. If you want something early on to jump start your ride, the riders’ favourite is Energy Bar Caramel – a delicious mix of real fruits and grains coated in chocolate.

Just like with your fluids, aim to eat little and often. Energy Gummies are a great way to top up your energy levels in this way, as you can portion your energy intake across your ride.

As the intensity increases, grab an Energy Gel in the team’s favourite flavour, berry. If your legs start to suffer and you need an extra boost, take an Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit. The extra caffeine will help you push on to the finish.

HIGH5 Energy bar

After your ride

Recovery is key to the team’s nutrition strategy. Mix a sachet of Recovery Drink Chocolate with 400ml of milk or water as soon as you finish to ensure proper recovery and help you turn up ready to perform on your next ride.

The BORA-hansgrohe Race Pack

To get you started, we’ve developed a one-stop race pack filled with the riders’ favourite products and flavours, including an exclusive BORA-hansgrohe team bottle!

The products in this pack will help to keep your energy levels during your ride and promote muscle recovery afterwards, so you can push your limits further. We have always been focused on sports nutrition that meet our riders demanding nutrition needs and help them perform their best in races. That’s why HIGH5 is a great fit” – Robert Gorgos, BORA – hansgrohe Head Nutritionist.

BORA - hansgrohe Race Pack

Fuel like a Pro: HIGH5 are the nutrition partner for professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe. With the help of their nutritionists, we have created a limited-edition Race Nutrition Pack filled with the team’s favourite products and flavours. Only available while stocks last! Get yours here.

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