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Bring the energy for spring

With February already at a close, milder weather is just around the corner making it the perfect time to ramp up your training intensity!

Whether you’re trying to hit those goals, increase your speed, frequency or train for an event, now is the perfect time to start bringing the energy into your training.

If you’re struggling to keep up motivation or falling off any New Year’s Resolutions, why not take on a Strava Challenge to get you back on track? The easy-to-track progress can add structure back into your training routine and give you a mini-goal to work towards.

If you’re looking for one in particular, Wiggle are hosting a challenge this March in collaboration with us at HIGH5 and Adidas – bring the energy into spring and complete 300 minutes of activity over 3 weeks! 

Read our advice on how to up your energy and complete the challenge:

1. Break it down into smaller chunks

Depending on your level, a time-based challenge can seem like a lot. However, if you split it up into smaller chunks, it can seem much easier. 300 minutes can be broken down into 100 minutes per week, which works out at less than 40 minutes over 3 days.

You can play about with how you want to complete your chunks as well – for example if you like a longer session on the weekend, you could complete 60 minutes and then split the remaining 40 into 2 x 20 minute sessions during the week. Make it suit you!

There’s also no rule saying you have to use up the whole time period of the challenge – if you think you can complete 300 minutes in 1 or 2 weeks, go for it!

2. Think of your long-term goals

Think about what long-term goals you have and how you can use the challenge to complete them. Are you looking to improve speed? Train more frequently? Get started with event training? Using a challenge can be a useful tool to help you on your way to these goals and can be a great motivation for completion.

3. Connect with others

One great thing about joining a Strava Challenge is the community aspect. Encourage your friends and family to join the challenge as well and get competitive with each other! You could have a competition to see who can complete the challenge the fastest or encourage each other along the way to make it more fun.

This is also a great way to keep you accountable – if you have a friend to complete the challenge with, you’re more likely to keep training and complete it.

4. Don't overdo it & fuel your training

Make sure you listen to your body. If training every day isn’t realistic for you and you need to do longer sessions to complete the challenge, make sure you’re fuelling, hydrating and recovering properly. Read more on how HIGH5 and sports nutrition fits into your training.

5. Mix it up!

If your challenge is open to any kind of activity, why not mix it up to make things harder or more interesting?

If you’re a runner, try and achieve part of your challenge with core work or strength training. These are just as beneficial for running but might take up less time within the challenge.

Maybe try a sport you’ve not tried before or look up some workouts online – there’s a video for everything on YouTube!

The Bring the Energy Challenge from Wiggle starts on Monday the 1st of March – clock up 300 minutes of qualifying activity within 3 weeks for 15% off run clothing, footwear & HIGH5 nutrition on Wiggle, plus a chance to win with HIGH5 & Adidas.

Be sure to tag us during your challenge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Good luck!

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