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Take on the L’etape de HIGH5 Strava Challenge

We’ve partnered with Strava to bring you L’etape de HIGH5. So grab your bikes and join the challenge now. Need some tips to get through a 100km ride? Read on below for some top tips.

Take on your own tour and cycle 100km between the 9th and 18th July 2021 and be in with the chance of securing some great rewards. Why not challenge yourself to complete the 100km in one ride?

Join the challenge now!

Athletes who complete the challenge can claim a free HIGH5 Slow Release Energy Bundle worth £13.98 (you will be charged the cost of P&P at £3.99) and enter into our prize draw to win a cycling prize bundle worth over £2,000, including a Garmin Edge 1030 and Tacx Flux Smart Trainer. Everyone who finishes will also earn a L’etape de HIGH5 digital badge for your Strava trophy case.

The HIGH5 Slow Release Energy range is designed to give you a more stable and sustained energy supply for longer-lasting fuel during sport. Developed and tested with professional German cycling team BORA - hansgrohe, HIGH5 have set out to redefine endurance nutrition. Unlike traditional sports nutrition, HIGH5 Slow Release Energy contains a low GI carbohydrate, Isomaltulose, that’s digested much slower to provide longer-lasting fuel during your ride. The perfect fuel for your long ride.

Taking part is a great opportunity to keep motivated through training for autumn events, to set more training goals and challenges, or to make your rides more exciting. Why not also join our Strava club?

How to ride 100km

Riding 100km – or any long ride – is a big task and takes some preparation. Read our top tips on how to complete the L’etape de HIGH5.

  1. Pace yourself

Make sure you save your energy by keeping a steady pace and not going too hard at the start! Try to save it for the later stages – where you’ll need it the most. You can figure out if you’re riding at a good pace if you feel comfortable holding a conversation.

  1. Get your nutrition right

When riding for as long as three hours or more, getting your nutrition right will be key in making your ride comfortable and enjoyable.

Make sure you stay hydrated with at least 500ml drink per hour – such as Slow Release Energy Drink. You might need to bring extra powder with you to make up more drink – cafes or petrol stations are usually good places to top up water bottles, so plan these stops in.

For fuel, aim for one Slow Release Energy Bar per hour and take some extra gels with you to top up your energy supplies if you need it – especially before or after tough climbs.

  1. Pair up with a cycling buddy

100km or even 75km or 50km is a long way to go on your own, so make it fun and grab a riding buddy to bring with you. Riding with someone else has a few advantages as well – you can motivate and encourage each other to keep going when it gets tough, it can take your mind of the distance, it helps you stay safe on long rides, and it can help you stay out of the wind. When you’re riding in the wind, you can use up a lot of energy and it makes a huge difference when you ride in the shadow of another rider. If there’s a lot of wind out there, take it in turns to be facing the wind.

  1. Plan ahead

Make sure you plan your rides ahead before you go out on the bike. Plot out your route, rough timings and schedule – this will help you understand how much fuel, hydration and other supplies you’ll need on the day and your ride will go smoother.

  1. Charge up

Both your body and your devices! Don’t let your smart phone or GPS run out of battery at 50km away from home – this can be dangerous in the event of an accident or if you get lost, especially if you’re alone. You also might miss out on recording your miles on Strava!

  1. Work up to it

Don’t take on 100km all at once if you aren’t regularly cycling for long periods of time already! Use the challenge to work up to longer rides if you’re not quite ready for 100km in one go. You can still complete the challenge by completing several shorter rides to make up 100km.

Join the L’etape de HIGH5 Strava challenge now!

You’re ready to ride! Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with #HIGH5Fuelled and let us know how you get on with the challenge

HIGH5 Slow Release Energy Pack

The Slow Release Energy Pack contains all the products and flavours of our new Slow Release Energy range, providing you with longer-lasting energy. Enhanced with Ocean Minerals for an invigorating hit of magnesium and over 70 minerals and trace elements. Get yours here.

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