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The best marathon breakfast

What you eat before your marathon is just as important as your during nutrition. Getting the right start to the day sets you up for a more comfortable, better race. Race days often end up long and tiring days with early starts in the morning, so it's even more important to choose a breakfast that fuels you with long lasting energy.

HIGH5 Sports Granola is a delicious mix of wholegrain oats, dark chocolate curls and roasted hazelnuts, formulated specially to help you sustain energy levels through training, race day and throughout the day. With magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B1 and absolutely nothing artificial.So what does a good pre-race breakfast look like? Here's all you need to know to get you off to a great start.

The basics:

  • Carbohydrate is our bodies preferred fuel source, so make sure your pre-race breakfast is light but high in carbs.
  • Don’t overdo it – a big breakfast can cause an upset stomach, especially if you’re prone to race day nerves. Keep it on the lighter side.
  • Focus on easily digestible foods. Go for easy on the stomach foods and try to avoid fat and fibre – these can take too longer to digest and cause stomach issues and bloating.
  • Make sure to pre-hydrate! Pre-hydration is just as important as hydration during, so make sure to keep sipping at ZERO or Slow Release Energy Drink on the lead up to the race.
  • Try to eat 2-3 hours before the start so that your stomach has a chance to digest your breakfast. Any more than 4 hours and you’ll need to top up before the race begins – you’re always burning calories, especially if you’re nervous or need to walk to the start line, so don’t deplete your stores too much before you even start!
  • Take a Slow Release Energy Bar to eat on the way to the start. This will keep your energy stores filled for when you need it most.
  • Train with your food. We all have different food tolerances, so make sure to test out your pre-race breakfast before a long run to make sure you’re comfortable and well-fuelled.

The breakfast:

Here are a few breakfast options to consider for a balanced meal - whether on their own or combined.

Sports Granola

Introducing HIGH5 Sports Granola, a great tasting breakfast granola with delicious wholegrain oats, dark chocolate curls and roasted hazelnuts to keep you energised on race day! With magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B1, our wholesome granola has been specially formulated by our sports nutrition experts to provide you an optimal balance of real ingredients to sustain your energy levels before and during a marathon. It also contains absolutely nothing artificial!

Try it on yogurt, with your milk of choice or straight from the bag 1-2 hours before your race.

Peanut butter toast

Another go-to for many runners is toast or a bagel topped with peanut butter. Whilst the carbs give you the fuel your body needs, the extra hit of protein can help you stay fuller for longer, but this isn’t so important immediately before a marathon.

Banana bread or muffins

For something a little different, try baking some banana bread or breakfast muffins for your morning fuel. Use wholemeal flour for a more nutritious and slower burning alternative and add fruit for a combination of slow and fast burning carbs.


Try fuelling with some delicious spelt pancakes topped with fresh fruit for something a little different.


A smoothie makes a great addition to any race day breakfast, but before a marathon you’ll want to make sure to eat something solid and more substantial as well. Use banana as a base or sneak some oats in for an extra carbohydrate boost.


A current go-to for many marathon runners! Oats are filling, healthy and loaded with carbs, so they make a good pre-race breakfast. It can be a bit bland on its own but there are also many different things to add to it, such as honey or fruit compote for added fast-release sugar, raisins and dried fruit, mashed banana, chocolate chips, fresh blueberries and more.

Ready to give Sports Granola a try?



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