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3 ice lollies 18 June, 2018
HIGH5 ZERO Ice Lollies
  Summer is (almost) here and what better way to reward yourself after exercising than with a refreshing ice lolly! But, we bet you didn’t think you could replace those all-important electrolytes at the same time?! Well, now you can… Read More
Cyclists 11 June, 2018
5 Top Tips for a Long Cycle Ride
  With the weather warming up, it’s a good time to get out on your bike! But, before you get going, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re going on a long cycle ride. Here are our… Read More
Lucy Gossage 24 May, 2018
What Makes the Athletes Want to HIGH5
  As a high-achieving athlete, there are lots of #HIGH5Moments – taking part in big competitions, pushing your body to its limits and, of course, securing podium positions! We check in with some HIGH5 athletes to find out what it… Read More
Linda Tiller 18 May, 2018
HIGH5 Moments
  On National HIGH5 Day, we launched #HIGH5Moments, a competition where we asked all our wonderful HIGH5 fans to share the sporting moments that make them want to stop and HIGH5 someone. These moments could be big, small or anything… Read More
Sam Taylor eating an Energy Bar 14 May, 2018
Interview with Sam Taylor on Triathlons, Nutrition and Vegan Diets
To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we interview Sam Taylor, who is not only a World and European Taekwon-Do Medalist, GB Triathlete and HIGH5 Ambassador, she is also vegan. We chat to Sam about her day-to-day diet, her go-to veggie nutrition… Read More
11 May, 2018
We’ve got a new look!
  We’ve been busy working on an exciting new look, which we launched on National HIGH5 Day on 19th April 2018. Our products are exactly the same – the formulations, the quality, the taste, the texture – everything you love… Read More
Marathon image 29 March, 2018
9 things to do in the final 24 – 48 hours before your marathon
48 hours before your marathon can be a time of nerves, excitement and anticipation, which means it can be easy to forget about the nutrition you’ll need to get you through. So, we’ve created this handy checklist for you to… Read More
Half Marathon Runners 23 March, 2018
Running a marathon: What you need to know about nutrition before, during and after a race
Tom Cragg, the UK Head Coach at Running With Us, tells us that to be a marathon runner you need to be an energy expert. Running 26.2 miles is not about speed, it’s about fuel economy. You’re aiming to run… Read More
29 October, 2017
Our top Halloween treats to fuel your spooky season
No tricks, just treats to fuel your Halloween – with a healthy twist to boost your training. From sugar free drinks to healthy snacks that will help keep you hydrated and energised across the spooky season, these award-winning and delicious… Read More
26 October, 2017
Time out from training: why an off-season break is good for performance success
Are you someone who has an iron-will all year round without taking a proper break from structured training? Learning to know when to take a break and for how long, is key, before it damages your performance. Particularly if you’re… Read More