If your (individual) total ride time is going to be less than 5 hours, follow the nutrition guidelines for Cross Country 2 to 5 hour events.

If your ride time is going to be more than 5 hours, then follow the nutrition guidelines for Enduro 5 to 24 hour events.

Also note the following points:

60 to 90 minutes before

Caffeine load once only before starting your first relay ride. Do not caffeine load again with HIGH5’s Energy Drink Caffeine Hit during the remainder of the race.

Between bouts of riding

Take one Energy Gel Caffeine sachet every hour while not riding. As an alternative, drink a cup of tea or 1/2 a cup of coffee (not strong) each hour. This will help keep your caffeine level‘s in the performance enhancing zone.

Eating solid food

As most athletes prefer some form of “solid” food when racing over long periods, the best advice is to snack on a moderate amount of easily digested high carbohydrate foods, while drinking as much Energy Drink with Protein as you can.