HIGH5 Moments


On National HIGH5 Day, we launched #HIGH5Moments, a competition where we asked all our wonderful HIGH5 fans to share the sporting moments that make them want to stop and HIGH5 someone.

These moments could be big, small or anything in between, we just wanted to hear about them so we could celebrate with you and give you a (virtual) HIGH5 back – because you can’t HIGH5 alone!

This competition ended at the end of April but this hasn’t stopped us reminiscing over all the amazing entries and we hope it hasn’t stopped you from having lots of HIGH5 Moments. As a reminder to stop, celebrate the little things and maybe even HIGH5 a stranger or two, we’re sharing some of our favourite entries. And, if you spot yourself, a BIG thank you for entering and don’t forget to share this blog (and your fame!).

Richard Wilson

1. Richard Wilson

Seeing my partner and our Leukaemia battling daughter cheering me on at this years London Marathon was definitely my #High5Moment.






Michelle Willcocks

2. Michelle Willcocks 

Becoming European age group triathlon champion last year and then going on to win the world champs 3 months later despite having my bowel removed 6 years ago and living with a stoma bag. No guts all glory!!



3. Mills Pea Mills Pea

My #HIGH5Moment is captured here  A moment of kindness and compassion from a then stranger and now friend at an Obstacle Course Race (The Wolf Run). I was running this OCR in memory of a loved one and was highly emotional. This embrace meant to much to me, and still does. In a world of challenges and frequent heartache, there is still so much love to be found. I will never ever forget this moment and the strength it gave me. For our Armed Forces – past, present and future – you are appreciated.


4. Shannon MoodyShannon Moody

This has to be my #HIGH5Moment, running the London Marathon last weekend for the Motor Neurone Disease association and raising over £2,700 so far! (P.s I’m 18 so that makes me want to HIGH5 even more!)





Dave Preece5. Dave Preece

My #HIGH5Moment was completing my penny farthing ride of 970 miles from Lands end to John O’groats. Did it in 15 days. I was very glad to finally see that signpost!





6. Linda Tiller Linda Tiller

My first ever marathon… London 2018… incredible!! #high5moment



Marc Bennett


7. Marc Bennett

My Girlfriend agreeing to marry me at this year’s Brighton Marathon! #HIGH5Moment




8. Thomas BunceThomas Bunce

When my nephew was kind enough to let me run the last 100m of Brighton marathon with him 😋 #HIGH5Moment






John Houston9. John Houston

Buggy Running takeover at Maidenhead parkrun. All pacers were parents like myself, pushing their children in buggies. Great to combine all my favourite things – family time and running, as well as motivating others! #HIGH5Moment


10. Victoria Cunniff Victoria Cunniff

My #HIGH5Moment was taking part in our local 5k and family mile, my daughter is getting into running as much as me and her dad – I was so proud of her and she was very proud of herself, she took the medal into school and spoke in assembly about what she’d done.