Introducing the BORA-hansgrohe Race Pack

For the last three years HIGH5 have fuelled high-performance, professional cycling team BORA – hansgrohe.  Led by three-time World Champion Peter Sagan, BORA – hansgrohe understand that the right nutrition is the key to long term success. HIGH5 is an important part of the team’s ride.natural approach to diet and good health, helping fuel the riders in the world’s toughest races.

At HIGH5, we believe great performance should always come with great taste. That’s why we use only the best natural flavours in our scientifically formulated products, to give BORA – hansgrohe the edge against the competition.

“As I am using nutrition supplements daily in training and races, for me it is important that the products taste great as well as fuel my performance” – Sam Bennett, BORA – hansgrohe rider.

We have been working with the team’s nutritionists to create a limited edition, one-stop race pack filled with all the riders favourite products and flavours. This exclusive pack includes a BORA – hansgrohe team bottle!

“The products in this pack will help to keep your energy levels during your ride and promote muscle recovery afterwards  so you can push your limits further. We have always been focused on sports nutrition that meet our riders demanding nutrition needs and help them perform their best in races. That’s why HIGH5 is a great fit” – Robert Gorgos, BORA – hansgrohe Head Nutritionist.



BORA – hansgrohe nutritionist Robert Gorgos explains what products you should take when:


It’s important to prepare your nutrition ready for your ride ahead. Fill your BORA – hansgrohe team bottle with 500ml of water and add a sachet of HIGH5 Energy Drink. If you have a second bottle cage, prepare a second bottle of Energy Drink. Take the rest of the products (except for Recovery Drink) with you on the ride, for example in your jersey pockets.


Drink little and often for a steady supply of energy and fluids to stay hydrated. You will want something early on to kickstart the ride, Energy Bar Caramel is the riders favourite to eat. Just like with your fluids, aim to eat little and often, Energy Gummies are a great way to top up your energy levels so include them in your fuelling routine.

As the intensity increases, grab an Energy Gel from your jersey. When your legs start to suffer, and you need an extra lift, take Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit. The extra caffeine will give you a performance boost and help you push on to the finish.


Key to the team’s nutrition strategy is recovery. Drink 400ml Recovery Drink, mixed with water or milk, as soon as you finish to ensure you recover properly and are ready to turn up ready to perform on your next ride.

You’ve got the advice, now all that’s left to do it grab the pack!