Bar Taster – 6 Pack

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Our Bar Taster Pack gives you the chance to try out a range of our popular Energy Bars and Protein Hit Balls. Each pack contains:

  • 4 x Energy Bar (Banana, Coconut, Berry, Peanut)
  • 2 x Protein Hit (Peanut & Caramel and Coconut, Lemon & Raspberry)


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The HIGH5 Bar Taster pack has a range of our best bars out there! Not sure what flavour you like? Grab this box to test a selection of flavours and find your favourite.

These bars are designed to be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise or as part of an active lifestyle.

Please consider the environment and keep the countryside clean by taking your empty bar wrappers with you after use.

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Designed for sports use or as a heathy snack as part of an active lifestyle, Our bars have been used for: Long distance triathlons, enduro MTB events, hill walking, multi-day endurance racing, cyclo sportives, trekking to the poles, cross pacific rowing and swim meets.

For more detailed information on how to fuel your particular sport, read our Nutrition Guides.