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Slow Release Energy Winter Pack


The technical HIGH5 Neck Tube has been made with a seamless design for winter comfort. Made from 100% polyester microfibre, it's soft, comfortable and breathable to wick away moisture when you're hot and keep you snugly warm when you’re not. 

Never run-out of energy with HIGH5 Slow Release Energy. Made with Isomaltulose, a slowly digested low GI carbohydrate, to provide you with longer-lasting energy for exercise. 

This bundle contains:

1x Slow Release Energy Pack
1x Neck Tube

Why Choose HIGH5?

Champions of taste

We’re here to end the idea that sports nutrition which genuinely works and supports your body, should taste artificial.

Scientifically formulated

We push the theoretical science and real world testing to create sports nutrition products that will benefit you, helping you go further than before.

Tested By Pros

Partnering with world-class athletes, like BORA - hansgrohe, ensures that HIGH5 products will not let you down, no matter how tough it gets.

Over 25 years experience

Started by two British Triathletes in 1994, we’ve always been about making effective products for our fellow endurance athletes.

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