Staying motivated to train in the summer holidays

This is a tough one. While the sun is a huge motivator in getting us out and about on our bikes or hiking up mountains, the holidays bring new challenges.
Summer is the peak of social activity, and there comes a point where you feel like you’re choosing beer gardens over bike sessions or outdoor cinema’s over outdoor runs. But how can you stay motivated and still take part in the summer fun?

We’ve got 5 top tips which might help you stay active in the summer.

1.Set a goal

Let’s appreciate summer for what it is and accept that it is going to be harder to stick to training. Once you’ve done this, setting a goal for a distance or a time split that you want to hit by the end of the summer holidays is a great way to focus your mind. Why not set the goal of taking on a HIGH5 sponsored event? We’ve still got lots coming up in the autumn, some of which are:
Running; Dublin Marathon, Yorkshire Marathon, Marathon Loch Ness
Cycling; Evans Ride it, Deloitte Ride Across Britain
Triathlon; Sandman Triathlon, Vitruvian Triathlon, Outlaw Triathlon, Hever Castle

2.Early bird catches the worm

Split out your days and weeks into the things you want to do, whether that be take the kids to the beach or visit an old friend. More often than not the mornings will be your freer time to focus on your training. With the lighter mornings making it easier to get up, use this time to stick to your plan so that the longer evenings can be spent enjoying the summer nights with family and friends – you’ll definitely have earned your marshmallow round the fire!

3.Change of Scenery

Switching up your training so you’re not running the same route in the same park can be a huge life saver. Scenery itself can be great at motivating you to push yourself further. No doubt you’ll hear and see your friends and families trips away which fill you with envy. We say if you can’t beat them join them. There are so many places to visit in the UK that don’t require a plane to get to. There are beautiful walks, cycle trails and fresh water lakes only a stone’s throw away, so get exploring!

4.Mix it up

There’s nothing wrong with mixing up your training in the summer to include more varied activities which helps you keep things exciting and enjoy some new experiences. Try out hiking, hill sprints, trail runs, open water swim or even kayaking or paddle boarding! The most important thing is to make sure you keep moving and get your cardiovascular systems working.

5.Join a club

The best motivator is surrounding yourself with other people looking to achieve the same goal as you! The summer is the best time to join your local cycling, running or triathlon team because they’ll always be someone willing to become your accountability partner and hook up for a run or ride!

TOP TIP – if you don’t want to take the plunge and join a club, checkout apps like Strava where you can join clubs and follow friends. Even seeing other people recording their training sessions can be a huge motivator in helping you keep up with your own training.
You can join HIGH5’s Strava club here:

Ultimately, don’t be hard on yourself.
There will be days where you stick to your training and nutrition plan and there will be days where you don’t. If you sit and think about it, it’s not just in the summer where these days happen so don’t blame the holidays or yourself. Reset and start again.

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