Top 5 Triathlon Challenges


Over the past few weeks we’ve been asking our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans different questions about the challenges they face in their sport.

While sport brings us plenty of #HIGH5moments, we know that the journey to get there can be tough. But that’s what makes it great, right? Without the challenges, the rewards wouldn’t feel so good. So, we want to help you overcome these challenges to help you get that feel-good feeling of crossing a finish line, taking part in something new, or simply just getting out of bed to go to the gym!

We’re calling out these challenges so you can look them in the eyes and own them!

This one is for all the triathletes out there…. We asked you what the toughest part of your sport is and here’s what you had to say:

No.1: Leaky gogglesleaky goggles

In at number one, with 75% of you voting for this as the most annoying thing about a triathlon, is leaky goggles! Yes that’s right, water filling up your goggles and blocking your vision of the task ahead is the thing that really gets your goat!

Other goggle related issues also made the list… Scratched and steamed up goggles are the culprits for making you go the wrong way!



someone on your tail

No.2: Someone on your tail

This came in at number two for the thing that bugs triathletes the most. Especially when someone is so close they actually touch your feet in the swim. Here at HIGH5 we love a team sport and exercising with others can be really encouraging but sometimes others can get just a little too close…


someone asking you questions


No.3: Questions, questions and questions…

“How many laps are left?” “How many to go?” “Where are we at?” Questions from other participants really annoy you! Particularly when that person has been on your tail the whole time. We all like an encouraging chat and some motivation but sometimes the questions get a bit much, are we right?



Someone on your wheel


No.4: Wheel suckers

Wheel suckers are those triathletes that follow your wheel the whole way round, saving their energy for the final leg. Then as soon as they get to the transition, they speed off. At least you’re getting the most out of your workout!




Someone waiting for a race to start

No.5: Races that don’t start on time

The final thing that bugs you triathletes is late (or early) races. Especially when there’s no prior warning. 9am should mean 9am! The only good thing about a late start is that you have longer to pre-race fuel… 

Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have something else that really bugs you when you’re taking part in a triathlon? We’d love to hear! Tag us in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram updates.

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