VAT on Sports Drinks

Despite an online petition with over 35,000 signatures, we are sorry to say that the Government has decided to put 20% VAT on sports drinks from the 1st of October 2012

High5 was at the forefront of fighting the change. We felt that it was unfair to pay VAT on sports drinks, when food in general carries no VAT. We were hoping that the Government would pay more than lip service to their post Olympic aspirations to encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but it seems not.

We realise that it’s difficult for some people in this financial climate. At High5 we keep ourselves as lean and efficient as possible. As you might expect, we only use the very best ingredients and even with a large increase in raw material prices over the last few years, through hard work we have kept our prices low. Unfortunately we cannot absorb this current VAT increase. Manufacturers and retailers will not make any profit out of this change, the 20% price increase will simply go to the Government.

High5 is a small fully UK owned and run company based in Leicestershire, we employ local staff and pay full UK taxes. We offer the very best in fully researched sports nutrition products that do exactly what they say and carry a full money back guarantee.