What’s the buzz around events?

At HIGH5 we always talk about events. We support a lot of different running, cycling and triathlon events to make sure participants are sufficiently fuelled to take on the challenge. And have the best experience possible!

But why? You might be wondering what all the fuss is about. We’ve chatted to our event partners and participants to come up with five good reasons why entering an event should be on your bucket  list for 2019.

  1. 1. Most important – FUN

Events are fun. They offer a chance to take part in something bigger than just training, you get to do the sport you love surrounded by a huge group of like-minded people all willing everyone else on. You also get to celebrate together, usually events will have an event village with food and vendors which is filled with people celebrating the challenge they’ve all completed together.


  1. 2. Give you a focus

Events are so much more than just going to the gym or constantly riding on your own. All of us are guilty of becoming de-motivated with the same training routine. But, if you have a goal (event!) to work towards, it is a great motivator and lends to much more productive training sessions – trust us! The event is then also a great way to measure the success of your training as you will most likely end up pushing yourself more than if you didn’t have a goal to work towards.


  1. 3. Atmosphere

It’s pretty much impossible to create atmosphere on your own. Fortunately at events you usually have a big crowd doing it for you! There is nothing quite like being on the start line ready to go, being cheered on by people on the side-lines and the spreading anticipation from those around you.



  1. 4. Community

It’s all about coming together. Sometimes training alone can make you forget how many other people love and train in your sport, it’s often overwhelming to see how many people come together to take part on the day. There is a sense of camaraderie in the lead up to an event, with forums and social media groups coming together to share tips and ask questions for support.

If this doesn’t shout community we don’t know what does!

  1. 5. That Finish-Line Feeling

Arguable the most impactful, and the reason so many people return to events time and time again is the feeling of accomplishment when you finish! One of the most amazing feelings you can only experience first-hand. Triumph and tiredness make quite the pairing but nothing beats the satisfaction and the sounds of everyone cheering you on.

These are just a small selection of reasons why HIGH5 think an event should be on the cards for everyone this year, check out our list of events we sponsor and sign up to the buzz!


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Thanks to our event partners for their input; Hillside Outside, Castle Triathlon Series, 209 eventsActive Leisure eventsORA EventsThreshold SportsAll or Nothing Events, UK Triathlon, Golazo Cycling.