Wiggle Super Series – New Forest 100

Read an excerpt, below, from Martyn Seddon’s Blog which is part 2 of his Charity Challenge year.

Challenge One – Wiggle Super Series New Forest 100

At long last the day had arrived, Saturday 11th October 2014, my Charity Challenge was finally about to start!! It was 5am and I was awake led in bed knowing that the day ahead was what I had been waiting for! The night before I had packed, knowing how early the start would be. Spare clothes, a massive supply of High 5 EnergyGels, cycling shoes, MS Society Cycling Jersey, my new Garmin 910xt which had arrived the day before, helmet, gloves, drinks, Bulk Powders Protein shake, Nurishment Active recovery drink – surely there was nothing else I needed – apart from my bike of course. 0610 hrs and there is a tap at the window, it was Lee, a good friend of mine who had agreed to do the ride with me as support, LEGEND! We loaded my bike onto the rack on Lee’s car grabbed the bags and set off. The start of the ride was just over an hour away from home so we knew we had plenty of time to get there find our bearings and be ready for the off at 0800 hrs (ish).

Training had been going well and I was more confident than ever about completing the 100 miles, in fact I was that confident that I was thinking of a time goal. Anything under 7 hours, we agreed, would be our aim! We arrived at the venue and was promptly directed into the car park, which can only be described as a swamp full of potholes. We pulled up and surveyed our surroundings. We headed off to registration where we got a free coffee and had a quick look around the stalls that had been set out early doors. Quick toilet stop and back to the car get the bikes ready and get changed. It was about to start. Bikes ready, Bulk Powders Protein drank and my jersey stuffed full of energy gels we headed back down to the start line ready to roll out with the first group at 0800. I made one last appeal on Facebook and Twitter for people to donate and help me raise money for the MS Society.

We were ready, me and Lee were at the start line. The starter was going through some rules and showing us the signs to follow on the route. I was starting to feel excited and slightly nervous now. My first challenge, my first ever Sportive and I was about to do 100 miles on a bike – Here we go! We rolled over the start line and the adventure had begun. We followed the pack down a slight hill over some speed bumps and on towards the main road, then BANG!!! 200 yards into the ride and my back tire went flat! A puncture!! WHAT!! I couldn’t believe it weeks and weeks of training, the build up, the fundraising and I’d managed 200 yards! I knew there was something I’d forget when packing the night before, inner tubes!!! Thank god for Lee Weston!! My old buddy had an inner tube! Life saver. 10 minutes later and we were back on the road now tagging along with the second group but we were away.

200 yards in and a puncture! Great!

The first hour went with very little incident, we both felt good and had covered about 15 miles. No problems, mostly flat and no mishaps! I will never forget that right hand turn and seeing the first real challenge of the ride, the first climb. It was a long climb but steady. Not to steep but gradual in gradient. It was tough but I just kept tapping it out and pushed on through, at the top I looked back and couldn’t see Lee. I knew I was only about 10 miles from the first feed station so carried on and decided to wait there for him…

You can find the full blog on this link: http://bit.ly/1re0iye

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