Who we are

High5 is a UK company run by athletes. Combining our practical no-nonsense approach with the latest developments in sports science, means that High5 products are always leading edge and 100% fit for purpose.

We continually test our products and get athlete feedback. High5 is the on-course nutrition at more than 300 races and events in the UK. We take great pride that for over 20 years we have produced some of the very best sports nutrition products available and helped athletes (including ourselves) reach their sporting objectives.

How Can We Help You?

Rigorous testing by scientists in the lab, and athletes competing in the world’s toughest events, guarantees that our sports nutrition products perform when you do. They contain the highest quality natural ingredients, and taste great. How can we help you?

Step By Step Guides

Our sports nutrition products must be used correctly for best performance. High5 Advanced Nutrition Guides offer step by step advice on how to get the best from your body. They are easy to follow, sports specific and based on your bodyweight. What’s your interest?

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