High5 Running Nutrition Guides have been designed to help you run faster and to finish a challenge, like a marathon, feeling strong and with a smile on your face. We work exceptionally hard to ensure that you can perform at your best. High5 nutrition undergoes rigorous testing in both the lab and with athletes in the real world. It won’t let you down when it matters most.

To benefit from our advanced sports nutrition products, you must use them correctly. Applying the latest scientific knowledge and feedback from thousands of athletes, we have developed step-by-step running nutrition guides. The guides are practical, easy to follow and guarantee the optimum intake of carbohydrate and caffeine. If you follow these guides you can run substantially faster and further.

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Like all great social places, the RunLounge provides a warm welcome, inspiration, the company of like-minded individuals and a place to ask questions, get information and share opinions. In order to make the RunLounge the place that you can come to time and time again, we have created blogs, forums, a library of information including articles, photos and videos.

The team behind the RunLounge includes runners and experts in every field, giving you the opportunity to tap into a pool of knowledge with unrivaled depth and breadth.

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