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We developed HIGH5 Nutrition Guides to make it easier for you to find the right fuel you need for your sport!

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26% further
(at the same speed)

5 min 45 sec faster
in a 40 mile time trial

15% More Power

HIGH5 Nutrition Guides have been designed with you in mind. With the one aim of helping you to enjoy your sport more, we share with you the ‘what to use’ and ‘when to use’ it so you can be fully prepared and ready to give it your all!

With the latest scientific knowledge and input from thousands of athletes in our HIGH5 community, we have developed numerous easy to follow, step-by-step nutrition guides for each sport, race distance, race day weather and athlete body-weight.

Our tried and tested guides have been essential in the preparation of many athletes challenges so pick your sport and see how our products can assist you and make your challenge a little less challenging.


HIGH5 Running Nutrition Guides are filled with training tips and marathon ‘must do’s’ to help you complete your challenge however big or small.

Half Marathon | Marathon | Nutrition for Training | How to Carbo Load

Sports Drinks with 2:1 Fructose and Caffeine

Our Energy Drink range contains a revolutionary carbohydrate formulation known as 2:1 fructose. Whilst traditional sports drinks allow the body to consume a maximum of 60g carbohydrate per hour, HIGH5’s Energy Drink allows the intake of up to 90 gram per hour. This helps the body sustain performance during tough endurance events and maintain hydration by enhancing the absorption of water.

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Road Cycling

From Sportive to Multi-Day Events, we have the perfect guides to get carry you through and make sure your fuelling sufficiently and correctly for your event so you’ve got all the pedal power you need to achieve your goals! only takes a ‘roadie’ so far during these spectacular – and spectacularly tough – events.

Sportive | Road Racing | 10/25 mile TT, Criterium | 50/100 mile TT | Multi Day Events

Nutrition for training

Sometimes it’s all the little things that influence your training, we’ve covered some of the most questioned topics with tips and tricks to keep you at your best, any day!

How To Carbo Load
Carbo-loading is normally undertaken prior to a major event. It’s a technique that can increase…

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Marathon Training Nutrition

How To Burn Fat
For lots of endurance sportsmen and women, lower levels of body fat equate to better…

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Sports Drinks with 2:1 Fructose and Caffeine
2:1 fructose HIGH5 Energy Drink is an advanced range of sports drinks that contain a…

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How To Avoid Cramps
When muscle cramping strikes during exercise, it can scupper even the best laid competition or…

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Multi-stage events’ biggest challenge is getting the right nutrition at the right time and carrying it with you! We’ve got the advice from some of the most knowledgeable triathletes to make sure you know exactly how to get the most out of your nutrition and ways to keep sufficiently fuelled through each three legs.

Sprint Triathlon | Olympic Triathlon | Middle Distance (70.3) | Iron Distance (Ironman)


Check out our guides to help you fuel and prepare for tackling the tough terrain!

Downhill | Cross Country | Enduro Solo | Enduro Team | Enduro Multi Days

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