Sports Nutrition Research and Development

Scientifically formulated sports nutrition that delivers results. We closely evaluate every product formulation, never settling for only meeting the mark. We’ve been there, we know the hell of the halfway mile. And that’s why we aren’t willing to settle on anything but the best.

If you choose to spend your hard earned cash on sport foods, make sure you invest in something that works. When it comes to developing new and existing products, we push the science to create sports nutrition products that will benefit you, helping you go further than before.

We don’t just look at the theoretical science. Instead we push the products further in the real world, testing, learning and tweaking our sports nutrition range in some of the toughest real life challenges around.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. These benefits have been shown in real life simulation studies, comparing our products against the many nutrition brands, used in the way they would normally be use. With the right sports nutrition, you can race faster and go further with no additional training.

Go 26% further with no additional training Download research paper

By following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of your next event, you could ride 26% further, at the same speed, with no additional training. Read more.

Race faster with no additional training Download research paper

By following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of your next race, you could produce 15% more power and race faster, with no additional training. Read more.

Burning 41% more fat Download research paper

Independent Research: Simply drinking zero calorie sports drink instead of a normal carbohydrate sports drink, 22 participants burned on average 41% more fat during exercise. Read more.

Testing with the Pros Download research paper

We often read that taking sport drinks enhances endurance, particularly in ultra-endurance events. But does the same recommendation that is given to an amateur triathlete, runner or cyclist apply to a more advanced or professional athlete? Read more.

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