Energy Gel Refill

Single use plastic is widely used in sports nutrition as a way to keep energy gels fresh and to stop them bursting or splitting. At HIGH5, we are constantly looking at new materials, searching far and wide to find a viable packaging material for gels, which is no easy task. Excitingly, we have found one solution: a reusable gel flask with a bulk gel bottle to refill the gel flask.  

The idea is you fill up your reusable gel flask at home, allowing you to personalise your carb intake and even dilute the gel with water to your taste and take it with you on your run, ride or workout to stay fuelled throughout. When you’re done, you simply wash out your reusable gel flask with soapy water and use it again and again. Both soft flasks have a measure for the amount of gel and carbohydrate energy so it is easy to pour in what you need and see how much you’re taking on during exercise. 

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