How to get the most out of your Strava Challenge

What are Strava Challenges?

“Strava offers several types of challenges as a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and accomplish a specific goal. Challenges can last a day, several days, or even an entire month.” – Strava

These challenges can be to complete a certain distance, a timed amount of activity, or complete a streak of activities over a certain number of days and are open to a range of activity types from running to climbing.

Taking part in a challenge is a great way to get motivated, whether you’re looking to start training regularly, want to set more training goals, or are looking for a way to spice up your workouts.

You can find all the latest Strava Challenges here.

Whatever your reason for taking part, read our top tips for getting the most out of your challenge:

1. Do it at your own pace

It can be exciting to start a new challenge that might make you push yourself, but make sure you aren’t rushing to finish the whole challenge in one day! Be realistic in what you can complete in one go and you’ll enjoy your training much more.

2. Set intermediate goals

Some challenges can look daunting but breaking it up into chunks makes it a lot more manageable. For example, if you are looking to complete the monthly Cycling Challenge (400km), you could do 14km a day, ride 25km every other day, or target two 50km rides every week (8 in total).

3. Plan ahead

As you know how much time you need to exercise for by a certain date, plan ahead and plot out your training schedule. This will help you avoid falling short of the distance or time before the challenge is over. This is also a great opportunity to plan in some new routes.

4. Make sure you have your nutrition down

If you’re planning on doing longer periods of activity, make sure you’re keeping energised, hydrated, and recovering properly so you can complete your challenge on time and avoid needing to make up minutes towards the end of the challenge. The Slow Release Energy Pack contains 2 x Slow Release Energy Drink, 2 x Energy Gel with Slow Release Carbs, and 2 x Energy Bars to help you stay energised and hydrated during sport.

5. Get connected

You don’t want to finish up your long ride and find out your watch ran out of battery halfway through! Make sure your preferred devices are connected up to the app properly and charged before you plan on logging your minutes so you don’t miss out on your trophy.

5. You don't need to do it alone

Although it’s an individual challenge, everyone can get involved. So share the challenge with your friends, join up for your exercise and keep each other motivated. If you prefer to head out on your own, then check out our article on the top tips when cycling on your own.

Make sure you’re tagging us throughout your HIGH5 Beat the Wall Challenge using #HIGH5BeatTheWall so we can share our favourites!

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