New & Improved Recovery Drink

New and Improved Recovery Drink: The tastiest way to quickly recover muscles after exercise so you can go again tomorrow.

Here at HIGH5 we have re-released our Recovery Drink, a new and improved formulation in three tasty flavours, plus a new plant-based version to try.

Our aim? To give all of you a great-tasting recovery drink that will repair and replenish muscles, helping you to get back to the sport you love quicker.

Sports nutrition has a reputation for putting functionality and formulations ahead of great taste. This has led to post-exercise drinks only being consumed by those who feel they really need it – the elite and pros and even then it’s a ‘down the hatch’ as quickly as possible approach. Besides, after a tough workout, we have our well-deserved big meals planned, who wants a lumpy, foul-tasting shake to ruin that, no matter what muscle recovery benefits it boastsBut, we have been working hard to change this assumption.

We pride ourselves on our naturally flavoured nutrition that delivers on both great taste and performance, having done this for over 25 years’, we know our  scientifically formulated, tasty products will help you achieve your exercise goals – whatever your level or sport. And, our new and improved Recovery Drink is no exception.

To create our great-tasting Recovery Drink, we asked you a ton of questions so we could ensure we get it right for you. 61% of you said they like to mix their powder with just water, 70% are after a milkshake texture as opposed to a water-based texture and 59% are looking for typical milkshake flavours. With this in mind, we have developed three delicious flavoursall with a silky smooth milkshake texture: Chocolate, Banana & Vanilla and Berry. There’s also a Plant-Based Chocolate option for those looking for a whey-free alternative. All flavours are 100% natural – no artificial flavourings have been used to make these mouth-watering flavours.

shake that mixed easily with no lumps was also high up on your recovery drink wish list. Your wishes have been heard! Our new Recovery Drink is smooth and easy to shake up with water alone, with no lumps in sight. So does the formulation of the new HIGH5 Recovery Drink match up to the great taste and texture? Yes it does. The backed by science formulation contains 20g of protein to help maintain and grow muscles and 20g of carbs to help muscles recover after exercise. Whilst, being kind on the stomach. Electrolytes, zinc, iron and added vitamins are also important to recovery drink users. So, we've have added plenty of these extras for more recovery goodness.

Recovery Drink also aids rehydration, and it contains four different electrolytes, Vitamin C to support the immune system as well as zinc, iron, vitamin D and some essential B vitaminsRecovery Drink has been designed to be the convenienttasty way to repair and replenish your muscles straight after a hard workout session so you can go all over again. That’s what it’s all about right!

Ready to try this well-deserved treat that helps you get back to it all over again? Shop now. 

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