Olympic Nutrition: GB Taekwondo x HIGH5

GB Taekwondo’s senior and junior athletes train at the National Taekwondo Centre in Newton Heath, Manchester. There are currently just over 20 athletes in full-time training on the world class performance programme, all proudly supported by HIGH5! #HIGH5Fuelled

After competing at the Tokyo Olympics, we got the chance to speak to some of the team about how they fuel their sport and their favourite HIGH5 nutrition… Here's what they had to say: 

Bianca Walkden

Liverpool-born Bianca started her taekwondo journey at 11 and since then has had quite an impressive medal tally! She is best known for being the first GB Taekwondo athlete to take the world championships crown for the third time!

Career High:

Gold at the 2015, 2017, 2019 World Championships and Bronze at Rio 2016/Tokyo 2020.

Favourite HIGH5 Nutrition:

''The best products are the ZERO tablets, and the Recovery Drink (Chocolate) for me!

The ZERO tablets were really handy during my preparation for Tokyo, they helped to keep me hydrated during those long days in prep camp when the weather was really humid!

As for the Recovery Drink, that was used for when I was craving something sweet to have after a gruelling session.''

Bradly Sinden

Doncaster-born Bradly found his love for taekwondo by following in his sister's footsteps. He is best known for historic win at the 2019 World Championships, where he landed the title of GB’s first male world champion.

Career High:

Gold at the 2019 World Championships.

Favourite HIGH5 Nutrition:

''I used the tropical ZERO tablets a lot during my time in Tokyo. They helped to keep me hydrated during daily training sessions and on fight day too.

The Energy Gel Caffeine was also great, they would boost my energy levels through a long day of fighting.

The Caramel Energy Bars were another favourite of mine, just because they tasted really good.''

Bradly - Medal

Lauren Williams

Welsh-born Lauren was originally a kickboxer but made the switch in 2012 after being inspired by Jade Jones becoming Olympic Champion at London 2021. In 2014 she became the Junior World Champion and began fighting as a senior in 2016. She is now a force to be reckoned with and has gone on to win many medals in her adult career.

Career High:

Gold at the 2016 and 2018 European Championships, Gold at the Junior World Championships in 2014 and 2016.

Favourite HIGH5 Nutrition:

''The Coconut and Caramel Energy Bars were my go-to after weigh-in. I would think of them as a treat and a good way to refuel after a tough session too.

The ZERO tablets were also a key product for me, for obvious reasons... they would maintain my hydration for longer after a workout.''

Beth Munro

Liverpool-born Beth was formerly a netball player, who turned to javelin to pursue her Paralympic dream. She was initially scouted by Disability Sport Wales, and was attending regular training sessions in Cardiff, these sessions eventually resulted in her taking up taekwondo.

Career High:

Gold at the 2021 European Qualification Tournament.

Favourite HIGH5 Nutrition:

''I'm a big fan of the ZERO hydration tablets in blackcurrant and the banana flavoured Energy Bars, they really helped to keep me going during my fight day at the Paralympics.

In our sport, the competition days tend to last long, so you've got to keep the momentum going somehow!''


Amy Truesdale

Chester-born Amy initially found her love for taekwondo alongside her sister, after being encouraged to take up martial arts by her dad for self-defence. Amy has had quite the impressive medal tally over the years and is best known for her World Championship wins in 2014 and 2017. She is also a keen advocate for disability sport and has made it her mission to raise awareness.

Career High:

Gold at the 2017 Para taekwondo World Championships.

Favourite HIGH5 Nutrition:

''The HIGH5 Drinks Bottle is a fight day essential at this point! I took it to the Games with me and always have to make sure it's in my competition bag.''

Join us in wishing GB Taekwondo all the luck in the future! If you would like more information about the athletes or the organisation, please visit there website here.

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