Step up your miles

Whether you’re looking to smash a new PB or move up from your regular 5k Park Run, spring and summer is the perfect time to do so. With longer days and warmer weather, it’s easier to move away from shorter runs, and start building up for an autumn race or just increase your fitness.

Here are our top tips for increasing your miles over summer:

Go slow

Don’t increase your long run by more than 10-15 minutes each week – it’s better to build up slowly rather than take on too much at once. Also reduce the length of your long run every 3-4 weeks as part of a cut back week to allow for better recovery and adaptation.

Don’t forget nutrition

Focus on your nutrition strategy, particularly before and during your training sessions, and especially on warmer runs. Make sure you’re taking on energy from gels and drinks, such as Energy Gel Aqua or Energy Drink, as well as electrolytes from ZERO. You could combine Energy rink with a ZERO tab and sip in the hour or two before you run to ensure your miles feel more comfortable.

You could also consider Slow Release Energy for both electrolytes and sustained energy if you’re running longer distances – have a gel or bar in the hour before your long run and switch to fast release energy sources towards the end where the intensity is harder.

Recover properly

Extra miles and volume require a greater focus on recovery and regeneration. Make sure you optimise and track your sleep to be certain recovery isn’t compromised. Your diet is always important but increased volume requires more fuel before, during and after each run or session. Try taking on a Recovery Drink after your training sessions to help you turn up ready for every run.

Keep it consistent

If you’re adding extra reps into gym sessions be sure to retain the quality and most importantly consistency in the workout. Think about your zones or paces and add volume week by week when ready.

Work with the weather

Consider longer recoveries in interval sessions on really hot days and slow down on your recovery, easy, or long runs to make sure the body isn’t too stressed. You could also vary the time of day you train to accommodate quality work in cooler conditions and keep your paces or efforts on target.

Read more about tackling training in hot weather here.

Set your targets

Setting yourself summer targets over shorter distances like 5k or 10k could be beneficial. Having a number of smaller goals to keep you ticking over is a great way of keeping yourself on track towards bigger goals. If training for an autumn marathon, you may find July, August and September are your key months of bigger volumes and increasing long runs.

Are you increasing your miles now we’ve hit spring? Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with #HIGH5Fuelled and let us know!

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Good luck!

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