Introducing ZERO Protect: For Immune Protection this Winter

We’re very excited to share some news with you all… We have a new product to help you get through the winter months. Please welcome ZERO Protect!

ZERO Protect is an advanced immune electrolyte tablet, which not only keeps you hydrated, but also provides your body with the hit of supplements it needs to protect during the winter months.

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

We know training doesn’t stop in the winter so we’ve combined hydration and active ingredients into one tablet so you can enjoy your sport regardless.

The story behind our creation

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

Why ZERO Protect? Well, at HIGH5, we celebrate commitment – whatever your sport, level or goal. But it’s the challenges that make the rewards worth it. So we want to help you to FACE and OWN those challenges so you can get the most out of your sport and we can celebrate that commitment to it with you!

One challenge that we all face? Training in winter. It’s cold, it’s harder to get out of bed and there are lots of illnesses about that can hold you back. We want to help. Which is why we’ve created ZERO Protect. An advanced ZERO tablet which not only keeps you hydrated but also provides your body with the hit of supplements it needs to keep you protected. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this winter.

Here’s what you need to know about ZERO Protect:

1. A hydration and vitamin supplement with active ingredients

Active Ingredients + Hydration Benefits of ZERO =  An All-in-One Hydration and Vitamin Supplement! Available in two great-tasting variants: Orange & Echinacea Turmeric & Ginger

2. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Folic acid

With key vitamins included, ZERO Protect contributes to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. It’s your go-to training companion during these winter months!

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

3. Key electrolytes, sodium and potassium

Like the well-loved original ZERO, ZERO Protect contains key electrolytes, sodium and potassium for superior hydration.

4. Sugar and calorie free

ZERO Protect is sugar free and has zero calories. It’s everything you need and none of what you don’t in an immune electrolyte sports drink.

5. It makes a great hot drink

ZERO Protect is ideal before, during or after intense exercise or just as a drink any time of day. ZERO Protect also works well with hot water. The best reward after a cold outdoor training session! 

HIGH5 ZERO Protect

ZERO Protect is a great tasting sugar free, zero calorie immune electrolyte drink with plant extract, and added vitamins to maintain your body’s immune system during and after exercise. Get yours here.

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